Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness: Julian Jaynes's Bicameral Mind Theory Revisited

Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness: Julian Jaynes’s Bicameral Mind Theory Revisited
Marcel Kuijsten (ed.) (Julian Jaynes Society)

“In this book Marcel Kuijsten and his colleagues have integrated a quintessential collection of original thoughts concerning Jaynes’s concepts as well as some of Jaynes’s original essays. I have rarely read a manuscript that so eloquently and elegantly examines a complex and pervasive phenomenon. The contributors of this volume have integrated the concepts of psychology, anthropology, archaeology, theology, philosophy, the history of science, and modern neuroscience with such clarity it should be considered an essential text for any student of human experience.”
— from the Foreword by Dr. Michael A. Persinger, Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, Biomolecular Sciences Program, Laurentian University

Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness is available from the Julian Jaynes Society and (all Amazon sites).


Foreword by Michael A. Persinger
Introduction by Marcel Kuijsten

PART I: Julian Jaynes

1. Julian Jaynes: Introducing His Life and Thought, William R. Woodward & June F. Tower

PART II: Voices of the Mind

2. The Ghost of a Flea: Visions of William Blake, Julian Jaynes
3. Verbal Hallucinations and Preconscious Mentality, Julian Jaynes
4. Consciousness, Hallucinations, and the Bicameral Mind: Three Decades of New Research,
Marcel Kuijsten
5. Auditory Hallucinations in Nonverbal Quadriplegics, John Hamilton

PART III: Consciousness and the Self

6. Language and Consciousness: Jaynes’s “Preposterous Idea” Reconsidered, John Limber
7. The Self as Interiorized Social Relations: Applying a Jaynesian Approach to Problems of Agency
and Volition, Brian J. McVeigh
8. A Knowing Noos and a Slippery Psychê: Jaynes’s Recipe for an Unnatural Theory of
Consciousness, Scott Greer

PART IV: The Origin of Religion

9. The Oracles and Their Cessation: A Tribute to Julian Jaynes, David C. Stove

PART V: Ancient Civilizations

10. The Meaning of King Tut, Julian Jaynes
11. Greek Zombies: On the Alleged Absurdity of Substantially Unconscious Greek Minds, Jan

12. Dragons of the Shang Dynasty: The Hidden Faces, Julian Jaynes
13. The Shi ‘Corpse/Personator’ Ceremony in Early China, Michael Carr

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Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness: Julian Jaynes’s Bicameral Mind Theory Revisited (pdf file)