Selected Interviews:

Your Inner Voice is Learned
Marcel Kuijsten interviewed by Loretta Breuning

Consciousness, Cognition, and Free Will: A Jaynesian Perspective
Marcel Kuijsten interviewed by Vinay Kolhatkar

Julian Jaynes, the Bicameral Mind & The Origin of Consciousness
Marcel Kuijsten interviewed by Henrik Palmgren

Julian Jaynes and the Bicameral Mind Theory
Marcel Kuijsten interviewed by Dustin Eirdosh for The Evolution Institute/This View of Life

Julian Jaynes’s Theory of the Origin of Consciousness
Interview with Marcel Kuijsten & Brian McVeigh

Did the Bicameral Mind Evolve to Create Modern Human Consciousness?
“How Stuff Works” interview by Robert Lamb.

Why Do We Talk To Ourselves?
“The Why Factor” interview by Matthew Sweet, BBC World Service

The Bicameral Mind Explains What’s Next for “Westworld”
A scholar explains how bicameral mind theory predicts the “Westworld” plot, Inverse interview by Andrew Burmon

Consciousness Began When the Gods Stopped Speaking: How Julian Jaynes’ Famous 1970s Theory is Faring in the Neuroscience Age
by Veronique Greenwood, Nautilus

There Is Only Awe
Rachel Aviv, N+1 Magazine

Human Sacrifice: A Shocking Expose of Ritual Killings Worldwide
Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Astraea Magazine & Web Radio Interview
By former BBC radio presenter Guy Leigh

Blood Rites: The Shocking Expos? of Ritual Human Sacrifice
Jimmy Lee Shreeve 

“Voice of Reason” 
New Therapist Magazine
The hearing voices edition.
Vol. 32, July/August 2004